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Film Crew Activities
The Presentation

The Making Of THE SPIDER GIRLS FILM - Photo Album

Film Crew Activities

The Spider Girls  * The Spider Girls  *  The Spider Girls

THE SPIDER GIRLS saga started almost five years ago. The screenplay practically wrote itself, with me hanging on while it took me where it wanted to go. It's now 2012, and the rigorous journey has made me aware that this film idea really has a warm, haunting charm about it. This prompts me to continue pursuing my attempt to bring it to the big screen. I'm determined to do this, but I know I'm going to need some serious help.

Every one has to start from somewhere, to go anywhere they might dream. And any encouragement along the way, inspires us to actively pursue our dreams of getting there. 

As an admiring friend of a marvelous family, I learned their youngest, creative daughter was interested in the theatre and the arts. In a conversation, she mentioned she was studying drama at her High School, and that it was her goal to become an accomplished performer. 

I was fortunate to see her perform in her High School play shortly before she graduated. I was in awe of her huge talent. And I enjoyed the professional depth of her performance. Now, I knew her given name, but then she said her stage name was Annie. It was then I had an idea...



So last year Our Film Crew gave Annie, a deserving High School graduate, a symbolic Oscar. On the night of June 11, 2011 we saw her in her High School Drama Club's presentation of Rogers And Hammerstein's STATE FAIR (The Musical). As I've alluded, she gave an outstanding singing and dancing performance I will never forget.

A couple of months later, we held our "Oscar" Presentation at Dewey's Bakery and Coffee Shop. Annie was very surprised and pleased at receiving her "Oscar". It was a blast. Check out the pictures. They're the handy work of Mrs, J.P. Irwin our roving Photographer, creative writer, character actress, and race car driver. And yes, J.P. can hold the pedal to the metal! Trust me. And trust me when I tell you; I know a star when I see one. 

And that's Annie.


Bravo! Bravo! You go girl --- Show that "Oscar" why don't you. You deserve it! Just keep on practicing, and working your craft, and you'll get the real article one day. __Sam

The handsome young women below are Annies' sisters. And there's me and Sandy Erwin. Affectionately known as Trooper, Sandy is one of the character actors in our crew. Sandy is husband to J.P., our still photographer. 



While drinking coffee and chatting, we also gave Annie her her first celebrity roast: We told funny little anecdotes about her. I started it off by telling the crew that when she left the stage that night, she was still in character, and beaming with energy. She had this frozen smile on her face. Her starry eyes had that far off stare. I was in awe, so I handed her my program and asked for her autograph.

With a cool flourish she polished off her autograph with rapid little looping, circular motions. Now I gotta tell you, the letters in her real name are composed mostly of straight lines and angles. And boom! When I got it back --- I couldn't read it! LOL. There wasn't a straight line to be found. When I told our little group what I thought at that very moment: Oh yeah, It's official --- our soul sister really is a star! We all rolled with laughter. The roast was a smash. Everybody was a comic.

The Spider Girls  * The Spider Girls  *  The Spider Girls